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Fine Moroccan Rugs by Zayania &, Curated Vintage Moroccan Rugs

150 x 260 cm
5x8.5 ft



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This one is one of my personal favorites..the prettiest thing I've seen in a while. Blush pastels pink cyan beige beauty vintage rug! Pink Blush The harmonious subtle mix of colors is just different, the old beautiful wool creates a shine that makes it reflect. and just the right about of brown Rare and unique

See close up photos for details💗

I take photos as close as possible to what I see with naked eye but differences in color may vary depending on screens. I only curate post vintage rugs that I personally Love so directly it is gorgeous.

Slight imperfections typical of authentic vintage moroccan rugs which makes each one even more unique,the overall beauty of the rug overpowers any aging imperfections.

This one is a gem.

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