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Fine Moroccan Rugs by Zayania &, Curated Vintage Moroccan Rugs





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152 x 205 cm
About 5 x 7 ft

Moroccan vintage boujaad rug. Such a pretty Beautiful rug with pink and happy colors yellows pale green and blue.

This makes me think of childhood icecream! And wish I could keep it for myself!

And look at the pretty blue Jean's vintage fringe. Gorgeous!

So pretty. See close up photos .
Circa 1970. In good condition.

Please, don't hesitate to message or email any questions to me regarding the piece, OR any custom size /colors order, and I'll respond promptly.

- All vintage items are washed and dried professionally before shipment. (most are already ready to ship) Please allow 2-3 days before shipping your piece out and sending you the Tracking Number. You will receive your order to your door by DHL Express.

Thank you for supporting us Berber mountain artisans, and enabling us to further do good in our community. Contact me if you want a custom made rug. All rugs are made and curated with love.

~ Ms Zayania Assya
Rug Artist/weaver

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