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Fine Moroccan Rugs by Zayania &, Curated Vintage Moroccan Rugs

💕120 X 61 cm💕
4x2 ft

👉 LOVE the design but need a different size ??
-Send me a message. All new rug designs are my work so a custom rug will be just like the listing photos here!)

Unique super fluffy rug
ideal for baby room, bedside or under the desk (I use one under my desk to keep my feet warm and cozy)
Lovely fluffy small beni ourain rug ideal for bedside, nursery or any space 💕

120 x 61 cm
6x2 ft

6x2 ft Small Moroccan rug Beni ourain rug fushia rug, Cute Rug, Bedside rug Or Nursery rug

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